Brand Identity

The whole package

What Makes A Brand

Knowing the  market is the first thing every business owner and entrepreneur needs to do. After that it’s all about how to present yourself. Major brands are all associated with colour’s; a certain variety of baked beans, a telephone directory, a social media site or even a brand of cola. you can instantly think of the brand. Now if you add in a tick, a bird, a yellow M you’ve got your emblem. Building a brand takes all these aspects and puts it together so no matter what stationary or advertising you are creating everybody understands the right way to go around it.

At Trixerbell Designs we can make your business a Brand Bible. These guidelines will outline the “Do’s and Don’t s” for how your brand identity will be made.  It covers both the compatible and incompatible of colour’s, fonts images, what variations of the logo can be used, how close should an emblem be to the text and what parts of the emblem can be used individually.


Social Media

In a growing world of connections, social media has never been more important that now.

The things you do online can haunt you forever so make sure, graphically, there are no mistakes.  Whatever the platform or even if you are launching your own new social interaction site we can help.