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Ok, Let’s go through the process … you have a business idea  – now you need a logo, next you want a brand so as you grow your product so do you grow your consumer awareness. Perhaps some business cards to send with compliments slips. You need cohesion so perhaps a brand bible telling your new staff the image styling they should use, the colours that will reflect the values you want to convey and perhaps the fonts that represent you best in print and online.  The product needs packaging, and social media marketing, a website! You are growing everyday and trade fairs start coming needing banners, leaflets and billboards. Every aspect of this Trixerbell Designs can help with.


Maybe you’ve fallen in love and want to make sure that your day is unique, that your guests will remember your big day for everything from the invitation that got them there, to the place setting where you’ve sat next to who you hope is their Mr. or Mrs. Right!

If its graphical – then its us.

Company Background

Art has always been a major influence in life, after a marketing degree I decided to combine the two together and graphic design is the best way to do that.  So  Trixerbell Designs was born and has gone from strength to strength adding in new techniques, learning new software to keep up with the changing times. Checking on changing trends but at the core marketing you. Be it your wedding, a product or business it is all about putting you out there; the best you, you can be.

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Unsure where is best to get your items printed? Over the years we have worked with many good (and not so good) printers so let us point you in the right direction.

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Some of Our Clients