Home and Office DVD cover and labels

Twice the ideas!

The Brief:
Create a front cover for a business DVD using either a face or an animal to grab attention and make it stand out from competitor products.

The Outcome:
After an initial chat an image of a lady was decided upon from a stock image and the idea to have her rising from a pool of water was then created around her. With various make up and backgrounds added the client quickly fell in love with the images, with so much choice he felt the best thing to do was to spilt his product into 2 sectors – a Home Version and an Office Version thus allowing him to have 2 of the images. Each DVD case holds a disc which matches the style of the cover rather than a generic one.  The darker artwork being for Home use and lighter artwork being for the work place.

What the Client had to say:

Amazing creativity, attention to detail, outstanding quality of work! Highly recommend Rachael she did a fantastic job! She exceeded my expectations 10 fold. Like a true artist, from just vague requirements and wishes, she came up and delivered outstanding results. Rachael is very creative and is a pleasure to work with. I already purchased several more items and am in the process to start the next and bigger project with her again.

Alex Ivanov, USA

Client : Alex Ivanov

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Date : 19 Jun 2015