Wedding Packages

Everything customised to your special day

A special day deserves bespoke stationary.  At Trixerbell Designs we can cater for every item you require but more than that we will give you tips and tricks that we have learned from over 8 years working on weddings – from websites to help you organise yourself, printers, postage ideas and so much more.

Why Choose a Package?
After many years looking after brides, we may think of some items and details you might forget – from postage costs to personalised stamps.  You get the full benefir of our knowledge plus recommendations for printing companies that cater to all manner of budgets and styles.

Once we’ve worked together once your files are saved for a minimum of 6 months, meaning if the date or venue suddenly change we can edit it quickly and get it back you. All your colour’s and font choices are saved and any embellishments designed for you can be carried through to other areas of your design easily. We will build up an idea of your style and it speeds up the process and makes it more cost effective for you.  You will also be given the names of fonts and any design features to use items you might wish to craft at home.

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Date : 04 Apr 2017