Logo Design

You Imagine it ~ We make it!


A Logo says a thousand things and you only get one chance at a impression; make it count!

Cliches aside it is really true, a bad logo on a website can instantly give the impression that your business is outdated, amateur  or low quality. The logo represents your brand, your identity and you wouldn’t leave your house without brushing your hair so you shouldn’t send a scruffy logo forth into the work place.

Whether you’re a small business starting out or a corporation re-branding, we can help. Based upon your brief you will receive an ideas sheet, from this together we look through the fonts colours and placements. This process can be repeated again and again until the right feel is found.  In the revisions process we try to include an “Out-of-the-Box” suggestion,  just to give you an idea you maybe hadn’t thought of and if you have no ideas that is fine too, and the creativity can begin right away.

Typography (Text), an Emblem (Picture) or both ?
We can try anything you want, and if you pick both you get all formats, to use as you want, separately or together. We try to make it so that you get all the formats you will need to over time expand your business, its a way of ensuring you are future proof.

Client Logos made by Trixerbell Designs

From hand drawn animals to interlocking letters, we appreciate that you want to be bespoke, yet you also what to fit in among your peers, it’s a tricky line to walk but one we are happy to help with.

All logo packages come with the master file and an information sheet telling you the font and key colours that were used to create your logo. This enables you to cohesively carry these elements into other areas of your business giving you a clear identity.